A State of the Art Experience for your Staff

Does your business go out of its way to ensure your customers have a “State of the Art” experience but fall down on offering the same for your staff?



Mossman Bowls Club is set in the wet tropics of Far North Queensland, a community gathering place for the most enjoyable lawn bowls experience imaginable.  Harry, the club's Secretary Manager is proactive with change and wants to be the connection piece and central hub for the Mossman community.  Together with his Assistant Manager, Kirsty, they aim to keep things positive and make work enjoyable so they can build a team that wants to come to work, feel supported and work well together.  Whilst they've gone above and beyond to provide a “State of the Art” Bowling Green for their members, they wanted to provide that experience for their staff as previous to Astrowave, it was very manual and time consuming for everyone involved.

We wanted our staff to have the same “State of the Art” experience as our members. - Astrowave

Mossman Bowls Clubs Headaches

The headaches and business challenges that Mossman Bowls Club were experiencing prior to Astrowave are ones that we hear about almost daily from the people and businesses we chat with…

  • Keeping everything staff related in one secure and easily accessible place;
  • Keeping on top of expiring certificates prior to them becoming expired; and
  • Having an up to date staff handbook that was aligned with current legislation.

Do any of these sound familiar to you and your business?

Post the pandemic, there were lots of staff changes and compliance requirements that we just couldn’t keep up with manually. - Astrowave
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Boosting Mossman Bowls Clubs Potential

Upon exploring the horizons with Astrowave, Harry & Kirsty quickly realised that they would be able to replace all the manual processes with one online option.  The decision was easy when they understood the ease of the product, the seamless transition for employees and the 24/7 support provided by the Astrowave Control Centre crew.

Having everything staff related in one secure and easily accessible place completely changed our staff experience. - Astrowave
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Mastering Mossman Bowls Clubs Command Centre

Just like any Business owner or high level Manager, Harry was time poor and being pulled in 10 million different directions so having a comprehensive, efficient onboarding process with the Astrowave crew helped keep him sane and accountable with little to no effort.  Since going live with the portal and app, the events feature has made managing staff easier whilst providing a concise database to store confidential staff notes (Positive and negative ones!) and track compliance so the club has peace of mind at all times.  The club plans to continually improve the portal by adding Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and staff training content and the fact that Astrowave will grow and expand as the club grows and expands is priceless.  The ease of use has 100% freed up Harry and Kirsty’s time to concentrate on having a happy, conducive workforce and becoming the central hub for the Mossman community.

The single biggest reason Harry recommends Astrowave is the ease of use. - Astrowave
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If you are reading this and seeing some similarities between your business and Mossman Bowls Clubs HR challenges and think Astrowave may be a viable solution, connect with us for a free walkthrough or sign up to our free trial today.