Do you spend hours onboarding new employees?

Have you ever wondered if there is an easier way to issue your staff handbook rather than re-printing employee manuals over and over again?  Check out how GDSC mastered their online HR command centre.


Introduction -

Grafton District Services Club, or more commonly known as GDSC was established in 1918 and continues its excellence by providing members and guests with outstanding facilities, great entertainment and a range of dining options. They pride themselves on always being exciting and rewarding which means their staff need to be on their game 100% of the time and provide a high quality service 110% of the time.

When their CEO, Nathan Whiteside realised that their turnover in staff was high, not only were they not living up to what they prided themselves on, they were expending a lot of time, energy and money re-training new staff constantly and they knew there had to be something better and easier.


GDSC’s HR Headache

Prior to implementing Astrowave into the club, GDSC were using paper based employee manuals which created headaches around 2 main areas;

Making sure employees read and understood rules and policies
Updating policies and procedures and making that available to employees

We have lots of businesses who come to us every week experiencing these 2 headaches and often ask us why they even need an employee manual.  An employee manual provides valuable information around;

Introducing your culture, mission and values
Communicating your expectations
Educating employees around management requirements
Consistent compliance with laws
Communicating your policies consistently and clearly
Consistent compliance with laws
Guidance for you and employees on handling grievances

So when you have a hard copy employee manual that gets thrown around the office or sits in a bottom drawer never to be seen or read again, it can be challenging to simply and easily achieve the above, along with complying with legislation at all times as GDSC experienced first hand.

There has to be something better then re-printing employee manuals over and over again. - Astrowave
Grafton Case Study - Image #2

Boosting GDSC’s HR Potential

With minimal HR assets supporting the club, GDSC found it really easy to implement Astrowave especially when you get fully supported with thorough in person training.  The club admin now have confidence that all of their employees have read their policies and procedures as they physically have to click on every page to acknowledge they’ve understood the information provided!

They love that everything an employee needs (Policies and procedures etc)  is readily available, and have even had long time employees learning about policies / procedures they didn’t realise applied and engaging with the process

Everything an employee needs is readily available with the click of a button so it does work. - Astrowave
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Mastering GDSC’s HR Command Centre

GDSC’s believe that the HR command centre Astrowave provides is quick and easy to use and such an effective way to communicate with all their employees.  It has saved them so much time (And therefore money) due to the fact that their new employee onboarding process has developed from hours of sitting with an employee to go through their paper based employee manual and pointing out key policies they need to focus on.  To an electronic enrolment with their Astro portal, a quick explanation of the expectations for them to fulfil the cloud based requirements and a final check to confirm it has been achieved.

When you utilise the Astrowave command centre to its full potential, anything is possible when it comes to saving time and money with your HR. - Astrowave
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