The Insurance of a HR professional

If your business needs the insurance of a HR professional but doesn’t want to spend $80k, then Astrowave is a cost effective option you should explore.



Beverley Park Golf Club, better known to locals as “BPGC” is Sydney’s best kept secret in the very heartland of the St George district.  The General Manager, Shaun Smith strives towards providing an up beat club where he encourages staff to have fun and provide an interpersonal environment for their clients, not just a transactional one!  He prides the club and staff on exceeding expectations by ensuring the 1% of minor details are being taken care of every step of the way because it’s the 1% that has a massive impact with minimal effort.  With this at the forefront of Shaun’s mind, he knew he needed to step up when it came to his staff and the professional experience he wanted them to have with the club.

Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients. - Richard Branson

BPGC’s Headaches

Like most Business Owners / Managers, Shaun wears many hats in his role as General Manager and inherited a HR department through a collation of unstructured word documents and a leatherbound incident book… This as you can imagine provided 3 substantial challenges for Shaun to overcome:

  1. Efficiency - Managing the clubs staff and applicable policies and procedures;
  2. Privacy -  Information being stored had the ability for confidential information to be accessed which meant that either information wasn’t collected or they ran the gauntlet; and
  3. Communication - Was minimal which caused a decrease in awareness of staff, members and incidents and increased the opportunity for human error.

Given these 3 challenges are foundational to providing a professional experience, and are also very easily resolved with Astrowave, the Control Centre crew were keen to show Shaun our own “Best Kept Secret”!

When an incident occurred and wasn’t communicated appropriately, Shaun knew something HAD to change.
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Boosting BPGC’s Potential

With a proactive approach to getting the clubs HR in order, Shaun was very clear in what would help the business save money and remove the need for an internal HR resource whilst giving him the ability to keep his finger on the pulse when it came to his people without monopolising his time:

  1. One-Stop-Shop - To know he had everything HR in order and the business was covered, everything needed to be collated and filed easily and securely;
  2. Responsibility Transfer - Shaun wanted to make everything was black and white whilst removing the “I didn’t know” and the “I wasn’t given it” arguments, squarely putting the responsibility back to the staff; and
  3. Distribution - Information was distributed to staff with the click of a button saving time and money.
I needed to keep my finger on the pulse when it came to my people without monopolising my time.
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Mastering BPGC’s Command Centre

With the convenience of having everything in one spot, Shaun was impressed with the level or personal relationships that came side-by-side with the professionalism of the Astrowave crew.  The knowledge and experience of concepts (Both technical and legislative) that were brought to his attention during the onboarding phase provided a solid foundation of HR best practices that he hadn’t ever considered before and very quickly jumped to adopt them.  The implementation of the Astrowave portal and app have resolved the lack of privacy and communication and provided core principles for all Management and staff to efficiently and effectively follow when it comes to working at BPGC.

The single biggest impact that Shaun shared with us was the implementation of Astrowave is the equivalent of spending $80k on an internal HR resource.  It is far more efficient and cost friendly combined with the insurance of a HR professional.

If your business needs the insurance of a HR professional but doesn’t want to spend $80k, then Astrowave is a cost effective option you should explore.
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If you are reading this and seeing some similarities between your business and Beverley Park Golf Clubs HR challenges, or want the insurance of a HR professional minus the $80k price tag, Astrowave may be a viable solution, connect with us for a free walkthrough or sign up to our free trial today.